Tattersall Distilling of Minneapolis and River Falls, Wisconsin, announced the launch of its Bottled-in-Bond, Five Year Straight Rye Whiskey. Aged in virgin American Oak barrels, this release is one of the longest-aged ryes in the Midwest that has been made entirely grain-to-glass.

“Crafting this type of spirit is a labor of love that not many distilleries undertake these days,” says Jon Kreidler, founder and chief officer of Tattersall Distilling. “At Tattersall, we’re committed to uncompromised spirits and this bottle is a true testament to that philosophy. We selected the ultimate varietal of rye to grow, complemented it with the perfect yeast strain and chose the ideal toast and char on the barrels. There was incredible thought built into this whiskey – and a lot of patience in waiting to share it.” 

Tattersall Distilling announced the launch of its newest ready-to-drink bottled cocktail, Brandy Old Fashioned, launching later this month. Paying tribute to the newly declared state cocktail of Wisconsin, Tattersall’s Brandy Old Fashioned swaps out its rye whiskey for brandy and can be poured sweet or sour for the perfect Wisconsin staple. Tattersall was founded in Minneapolis, but the company opened a destination distillery in River Falls, Wisconsin, in 2021.

In case you’ve missed the headlines, absinthe is back, from New York to Las Vegas to London. You may have even acquired a bottle of the anise-flavored liqueur—and discovered that it’s a little different from most other spirits, bottled at extra-high proof and designed to be diluted rather than sipped straight.

Seeking a fun bottle to pour or gift this Halloween? This shortlist of bottles leans into the spooky side of spirits. That means plenty of creepy imagery in its branding—so, so many skulls—and an emphasis on fall-centric tasting notes, like maple syrup and baking spices. Some are brand-new bottlings, while others are familiar favorites dressed in seasonal labels (we love a good Halloween costume).

Ready-to-drink cocktails have seen a surge in popularity due to their portability and convenience. While I still love mixing up my own cocktails in a to-go thermos, with so many new great options on the market, it’s hard to pass up the chance to buy a pre-made craft cocktail to take to picnics, parties or anywhere else you might want to sip them with friends.

Sure, NY and LA top any list of the best foodie cities across the country, but there are plenty of other spots that may not automatically spring to mind — smaller cities like Birmingham, Alabama, or metropolises that are undergoing major rejuvenations, like Detroit. Here are a list of the most exciting foodie cities in the U.S., so pack your stretchy pants and make a beeline to these culinary powerhouses.

These local distilleries put their fingerprints on custom cocktails for special events. Crucial to every well-executed toast (besides avocado) is a glass of goodness to raise in salutations. Bartenders and master distillers at cocktail corners that double as event spaces around the Twin Cities share how they craft a signature sip.

There’s nothing like ending a night with a really great vodka martini. Shaken or stirred, dirty or with a twist, it’s just perfection.

But there’s a whole lot of other ways to appreciate vodka, and with National Vodka Day coming up on October 4, these cocktails are a beautiful start in preparing to broaden our vodka horizons.

This Friday, Tattersall Distilling will officially launch their new Rosso Gin in the Northeast cocktail room. 

“I don’t have any money invested in Mattel,” co-owner Dan Oskey told me on the phone this morning. 

The rosy-hued gin hits at a remarkably good time, what with Barbie-mania gripping the world this summer. “We were actually supposed to launch this last summer,” Oskey told me, “but we had issues with the labeling, certain permitting and licensing, so we had to wait for this year to release it.” Lucky the universe mucked up the machine, because now could not be a better time to drink pink.

Award winning craft distillery, Tattersall Distilling, announced the launch of its new canned cocktail line, reformulated to have less sugar, fewer calories and a lower ABV of 4.5%. Cocktails include Tattersall’s Key Lime Gin + Tonic and Blueberry Basil Collins, along with its newest can, Grapefruit + Ginger. Now available in four-packs of individual flavors, six-can variety packs featuring two of each flavor are currently on shelves across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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