grown and cultivated from the best of the midwest

We’re locals — born and raised in the North. So it’s only natural that’s where we turn to source the best ingredients from partners who think like we do. Farmers who value simplicity, organic, all-natural growing, first-hand ways of doing things that have worked for generations.

our grains

Our corn, rye, wheat and barley is grown on a family farm in Cambridge, Minnesota. It’s owned and operated by Dale Anderson, a fourth generation farmer working his family’s land. Dale and his family grow the grains that we distill, age and bottle to make our vodka and whiskeys.

We get our organic corn from farms in Western Minnesota. Here in Northeast Minneapolis, we carefully distill it to become our gin, aquavit and liqueurs.
We source our specialty malts and grains through Briess Malt and Ingredients Co. out of Chilton, WI. They are a recognized leader in developing and producing handcrafted specialty malts for the American Craft Beer and Spirits industry.


Tattersall is committed to cutting its carbon footprint. Working with Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis, Tattersall has implemented a comprehensive organics program to compost all botanicals, food waste, straws, cups and more. All spent grains from distilling are stored in a 10,000 gallon silo and picked up weekly by one of our farm partners who uses it to feed his pigs.We’re proud that all of our grains are sourced in Minnesota — with a majority only 45 miles from our front door. In collaboration with the University of Minnesota and the Land Institute, we’re also experimenting with perennial grains such as Kernza® and perennial rye.Other high quality ingredients we use in the distillery and cocktail room, such as apples, honey, maple syrup and more are all sourced within 100 miles of the distillery.

Our Barrels

Tattersall spirits age in barrels sourced from two small, hand-picked Minnesota cooperages. Partners who obsess over the quality of wood and the degrees of toasting and charring that help to give fine spirits a unique tone and individuality. The majority of our barrels are sourced from Black Swan Cooperage in Park Rapids, Minnesota, a small family business just 20 miles from the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Our apple brandy barrels come from Atlas Barrel in Watertown, Minnesota, started by a former violinmaker and known for using only Minnesota-grown white oak.


The fruit for some of our favorite liqueurs are grown and harvested by Shoreline Fruit — a small cooperative of sustainable orchards in northern Michigan and Wisconsin. The cherries and blueberries come from Michigan; cranberries come from Wisconsin. Owned by growers, Shoreline is dedicated to producing the highest quality fruit while upholding environmental stewardship and promoting sustainability.

organic apples

We source our apples for Apple Brandy from a small second generation family orchard, Organic Breezy Hill, in Maple Lake, MN. Since we’re making brandy, we’re able to use apples with superficial imperfections that the orchard wouldn’t be able to sell easily. It’s a win-win for everyone.