Cocktails in Bloom:
A Tattersall Foraged Cocktail Book

Welcome to a world where hedgerows, meadows, forests and your backyard become essential stops for a more flavorful home bar. This book invites you on a creative journey of exploring close to home and foraging easily identifiable plants to take your cocktails to the next level.

Learn how to make dozens of spirited (and non-alcoholic) drink recipes with tips on when, where and how to find 15 common botanicals — along with some history and trivia along the way.

And because stewardship is a key element of foraging, Cocktails in Bloom focuses mostly on invasive or naturalized species. Whether you’re a seasoned forager or a curious beginner, this delightful book has everything you need to make delicious recipes that celebrate the beauty of wild ingredients.

At Tattersall, our core focus is to redefine expectations. Cocktails in Bloom offers another way to redefine your expectations of often forgotten, unused everyday plants and flavors.

Foraging is just one way we connect with and respect our environment. Our distillery is powered by the sun, we reclaim water that’s often discarded in production and are always looking for new ways to be better stewards of our natural surroundings. Sometimes, taking a walk in the forest is the perfect way to ground us and reconnect with our commitment local ingredients.