Minneapolis Is the Food World’s Best Kept Secret

Minneapolis is America’s most intriguing food and drink city that no one’s talking about. Aside from Prince, Target, and the Twins, outsiders don’t know much about it, because traditionally there are only two kinds of people up there: those who never left, and natives who explored the world but returned. They’re fearless in the elements and worthy of validationoverdue for it, eventhough in no way longing for it. As welcoming to outsiders as they are, “We’re just as happy to see you go,” one local admitted.

As the country descends upon Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII, stories of a Scandinavian-esque foodshed, revitalized industrial districts, and homegrown booze will be told, but it’s only a fraction of what makes it the best-kept secret in the north. Well, lucky for us, the word is finally out. Whether or not you’re headed there for the game, it’s time to put it in your sights.